Why waste your time and money when you can purchase a thermal cycler that can validate itself…


Hain Lifescience UK Ltd have launched the World’s First touchscreen thermal cycler with an integrated thermal acquisition system, TAS; the Q cycler 96+. A one of its kind technology to enter the market.


The Q cycler 96+ allows you to verify the thermal cyclers performance with the possibility of calibrating the system if desired. This can be carried out an infinite number of times, free of charge. The TAS is simply removed from its loading compartment and inserted directly onto the thermal block prior to or after a run. Temperature sensors on top of the TAS also measures the performance of the heated lid. Different parameters can be investigated, for example, thermal homogeneity, heating and cooling rates, temperature overshoots and accuracy across the block.


After validating the thermal performance, there is the option to update the cycler’s settings for re-calibration. Official certification documents can be printed off to record the performance of the cycler, or stored to maintain a historical record of the thermal performance of the cycler.  This can be used as a performance tracking system to determine the lifespan of the instrument. The Q cycler 96+ therefore provides high levels of quality assurance and confidence which is highly desirable amongst researchers today.


  • Validates and calibrates its thermal performance
  • Accuracy measurement of  TAS probes +/- 0.1 oC traceable to National Institute of Standards & Technology
  • Reliable and reproducible results
  • Time and cost saving
  • Convenience
  • Quality assurance and performance control
  • Accuracy of Integrated TAS Module is UKAS Certified by  Third Party Laboratory
Please contact info@hain-research.com for more information. 

Q-Cycler 96+  Introducing the Worlds First Integrated TAS from Hain Lifescience 

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